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Poop in the Pool

you my friend, are an idiot

Jump In, The Water Is Fine!
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you my friend, are an idiot

Welcome To the Poop In the Pool Community!

This community is for all of you to rant and rave about those who like to ruin a good thing for you!


This is a community for all of you to rant about people being idiots! (basically themselves)


This is a community for you to take a dump on humanity.

Doesnt matter, the point is that we exist for a reason, to bring joy to all of the little boys and girls in lj-land.

Here are the rules:

1. Please do not harass other members of the community.
2. Please do not tYpe lYkE diZ or make sever intentional mispellings, thats one of our pet peeves! If you do, rule 1 will be thrown out the window.
3. Please post larger entries or pics behind a lj-cut.
4. Don't question our love for conan. Ever.
5. Rules are subject to change if/when/where needed.

Remember: Stupid People are the Poop in the Gene Pool

Maintained by jsilver20 and thinkb4umohawk