The Poolhall Junkie (jsilver20) wrote in poop_inthe_pool,
The Poolhall Junkie

hello everybody!

I would just like to post a quick note to say that now that I have more quality time on the internet I would like to get this community up and running again.. We had great momentum, but everything just kinda dropped off.  So, to get the ball rolling, here is a story that happened a few days ago.  x-posted in my journal.


i swear, the kookiest person came into red robin today. she was on crack or something, she looked like she hadnt showered in a week and her face looked like roadkill. she sat down at this table next to a couple of black guys. a server asked if she knew them or needed something. she said she needed water. she was told to go sit at the bar, which she complained that she wasnt old enough, then got up and sat there anyway.

the bartender asked if she needed anything, then she looked at my buddy Q, and told her she needed a water. lila was like, "Hello! I'm over here" she got her water. while she drank it she sang, very loudly, along with the songs over the radio. obvivious to the annoyed stares coming from the customers around her, she started to talk to them, asking them what they were eating, that it looked good, and she probably threw something in there how she couldnt afford any food. i feel bad for a woman who was waiting for her togo order. she just sat there and acted like she didnt hear anything while that girl rambled on in her ear. she finally got up to go to the bathroom, so i apologized for the girls behavior, we told her to go before she came back and attacked her again!

i slacked on my sidework for a couple hours because i was, sadly, too entertained by watching her. she drank glass after glass of water. lila cut her off, but she got more from other people. i couldnt understand her random comments. she told someone that she should stop smoking, and that she only started when she got pregnant. she told someone else that she didnt have any money, her group had money, but they werent there. what, her "group" that got her knocked up? i was tipping out lila and said to her "hey lila, want some money?" she goes "i want some money! i want some money! i would take singles, anything!" i thought she was gonna gank my shit when i left so i decided i should leave out the back door. the phone rang a couple times, i dont know why but she just had to yell "phone! the phone is ringing!!"

she was also trying to get a job. she said she was one of the first 12 waitresses who worked there and she was fired after two weeks of training. wow what a great reference!  she read all of our name tags out loud and kept pointing to her imaginary name tag saying "see...danielle, thats me" 

joel called and asked me to wait at the bird because he was hungry and wanted to eat. so i got to witness more fun! they let her fill out an application in hopes that would get her to leave, as open interviews are held on wednesdays. she was just about to walk out the door when she took her "to go" cup water (her 14th of the afternoon) and ran all the way across the room to the bathrooms again. she came out and bum-rushed me at the table joel and i were sitting at. joel was on the phone, so she comes up to me and says.. whats your name? *reads nametag* "jen..jaws? hi im danielle (i already knew that) im trying to get a job here.. i have an interview tomorrow. so how should i wear my hair? what should i wear? should i wear mascara?" i didnt feel like dealing with it anymore, especially since i was eating so i said "yeah do all that." the joel gets off the phone and said " hey we are in the middle of something here." and motions for her to go away. she left... but not the building.

she was still there when we were eating. heck she is probably still there now! lucky me i sometimes do interviews so i might have to see her tomorrow. i hope she forgets or gets lost or couldnt find an outfit from her dumpster or something. i know i shouldn't make fun.. but i just cant help it.. this girl was there for almost 4 hours and counting!

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