The Poolhall Junkie (jsilver20) wrote in poop_inthe_pool,
The Poolhall Junkie

restaurant assholes

or i should title this "How Not to Flirt With Your Waitress"

The other night two young gentlemen came in and sat in my section.
I went over to them to be told that one of them was "drunk" and the other was just "stupid." (there words not mine)
Dinner went fine, but the "drunk" kept staring at me the whole night.
I went over to collect the bill when Mr Drunk decided to try and make conversation.
drunk: So your name is jennifer
me: yes thats right
drunk: your not right
me: excuse me?
drunk: your name is jennifer so you are not right
me: what are you talking about? care to clarify?
drunk: i have never met a girl name jennifer who can me trusted
they are all a bunch of skanks
me: (slightly taken aback) well jennifer IS the 6th most common name in the united states, thats a pretty generalized assumption to make
drunk: i dont care im just telling you what i have learned from experience
stupid guy buts in: hey we dont really know any jennifers do we?
drunk: shut up im making a point
i have two name badges i wear, one had the name Que on it, as it belonged to my co-worker

me: thats ok, my name is really Que, see?
drunk: oh i didnt see that badge
me: oh were you looking at the other one because it was close to my chest?
drunk: Well if you HAD a chest, maybe i would look at it!
me: get out of my restaurant

the drunk guy proceedes to walk out with his hands raised in victory.

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