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it's all about position

I've just decided that it really sucks to have my manager (Heather) be on maternity leave.  On top of that, we have a new manager and assistant manager.  Today I was basically training them both on what to do and everything.  Gosh, I feel like I should be the manager.  I feel so awkward telling what to do or even worse what not to do.  It is kind of fun especially in front of customers. =)


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Don't even start swearing at me bitch

Yesterday I'm at work selling maternity clothes to moody pregnant ladies. The worst part about it is that the bitchy customer was not pregnant. First of all, I had the flu and I am at work...that sucks right there. The last thing you wanna deal with is a stupid customer who cannot listen to simple instructions. I had to leave the register and go sit down for a while. I come back out and start to straighten up. Then Kelly calls me back to the register. There is a line mind you and this lady is there with her husband and kids. She wants a refund for this shirt that she bought her friend. Now, we NEVER do refunds. We ALWAYS say that at the register and we even have you initial that we told you. Apparently, Shelly who does not usually work at my store was working the day the lady came in to purchase the shirt. She told her that she could bring it back for a cash refund if it did not work out. What makes it even worse is that Shelly is the sister of our district manager. Kelly politely tells the lady that we cannot give cash back only in store credit or exchange. The lady does not like this of course. I tell her the same thing. Our register won't let us give money back and we do not have the authority to do anything about it. The lady is getting more and more upset. Tells her husband to take the kids outside. Then she proceeds to have a temper tantrum.."What the f... am I supposed to do?" blah, blah, blah...that's where I just stop listening and having any sympathy to try to help you. There's no need for that. What the f am I supposed to do? I wanted to tell her that she could wear the would've fit her fine. To make it even worse, the lady behind her (who I was helping out..she had a gift purchase that was puschased in January which is way past the time you are supposed to exchange it..and i let her look around and exchange it for something) she chimes in something about giving store credit is the same as cash if you give it away...whatever. I wasn't even in the mood for listening. It just pissed me off that she would butt in knowing that I was doing her a favor. I am really in the wrong line of work. It's either that or the food industry for now...gotta have some money to pay bills while going to school.
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Why are people so stupid? I work in customer service, in the returns department. Here's our latest batch of idiots:

1.) Guy yelled as us today and cut up his credit card on the counter. Why? He wanted to rent our truck, and he didn't have any proof of insurance on him. In this state, it's illegal to drive without insurance, and you're required by law to have an insurance card in your vehicle. This is all we require.

2.) Guy yelled at 4 of us seperately because we couldn't give him 50 cents back from a gift card.

3.) Crazy woman yelled at me for 15 minutes because I wouldn't return her 3 piece lamp set. The catch? She only had 2 of the lamps there.

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I went to my school's bookstore the other day and bought, among other things that I actually needed, two CDs. Well, I of course put the bag with the CDs and whatever else on my floor where I didn't really worry about it for a couple of days - until tonight when I decided that I wanted to listen to the CDs - and realize that the hard plastic casing that is supposed to deter people from stealing the CDs - were still on. Um, isn't that stuff supposed to be taken off at the checkout so that I can actually listen to the CDs? And I suppose that I should have noticed this at the time - but ya know what - it's not my job to take care of that stuff - it IS theirs. Idiots.

I'm new!

Hello all, i'm new here! Anyway on with my complaint about humanity :D

I was at work helping this old couple with some things they were purchasing while two other employees were screwing around by the register. They were being obnoxious (their usual selves) and were using some "bad language" Anyway, i'm having a conversation with the old people trying to be nice and all, and helping thing when the old man explodes on one of the guys. "You need to watch your mouth, there is a lady here *points to his wife* and i don't appreciate you talking like this! Where is the manager! Get the manager right away!" So i tell the guy i'm sorry the manager isn't here at the moment. So then he completely ignores me and continues to yell at the guy, "Do you work here?! Huh do ya?!" so the kid replies, "Nope, i'm from the bronx" when really he worked there, but wanted to act like his stupid self and say he was from the bronx.

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