.... she's making little frogs. (kikayume) wrote in poop_inthe_pool,
.... she's making little frogs.

Why are people so stupid? I work in customer service, in the returns department. Here's our latest batch of idiots:

1.) Guy yelled as us today and cut up his credit card on the counter. Why? He wanted to rent our truck, and he didn't have any proof of insurance on him. In this state, it's illegal to drive without insurance, and you're required by law to have an insurance card in your vehicle. This is all we require.

2.) Guy yelled at 4 of us seperately because we couldn't give him 50 cents back from a gift card.

3.) Crazy woman yelled at me for 15 minutes because I wouldn't return her 3 piece lamp set. The catch? She only had 2 of the lamps there.
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