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CORUNNA, Mich. - A wedding guest bit off part of a man's finger during a reception at a banquet hall, police said.

Michael VanStrate, 31, was arraigned Monday on two counts of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, one count of aggravated assault and one count of simple assault following the weekend incident.

The Owosso man also smeared cake on a 9-year-old boy and knocked out a 49-year-old woman, Corunna Police Sgt. Kevin Clark told The Flint Journal.

VanStrate, an invited guest of the Owosso-area couple, "was causing altercations and arguments with other guests" at the Friday night reception, Clark said. "He was asked to leave a couple times, and he'd leave and come back in."

After witnesses said VanStrate, who is 6-foot-2 and weighs 260 pounds, smeared cake on the boy's face, Clark said "the father came to the son's rescue, struggling with the suspect, and he apparently had his finger bit off at that time."

The bridegroom, 21, then intervened, Clark said. Police said VanStrate later elbowed the 49-year-old woman in the head during the scuffle, knocking her out temporarily.

State troopers and officers from Corunna, a community about 25 miles west of Flint, eventually subdued VanStrate early Saturday.

The guest whose right index finger was bitten off between the first and second joints was taken to Hurley Medical Center in Flint, where doctors were unable to reattach the digit. The bridegroom was treated and released at Memorial Healthcare Center in Owosso.

VanStrate remained in custody after Shiawassee County District Judge Ward Clarkson set bond at $25,000.
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