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I'm new!

Hello all, i'm new here! Anyway on with my complaint about humanity :D

I was at work helping this old couple with some things they were purchasing while two other employees were screwing around by the register. They were being obnoxious (their usual selves) and were using some "bad language" Anyway, i'm having a conversation with the old people trying to be nice and all, and helping thing when the old man explodes on one of the guys. "You need to watch your mouth, there is a lady here *points to his wife* and i don't appreciate you talking like this! Where is the manager! Get the manager right away!" So i tell the guy i'm sorry the manager isn't here at the moment. So then he completely ignores me and continues to yell at the guy, "Do you work here?! Huh do ya?!" so the kid replies, "Nope, i'm from the bronx" when really he worked there, but wanted to act like his stupid self and say he was from the bronx.

Anyway that's just the beginning..

The guy then comes back to the store, while i'm off and goes to complain to the owner (who is my father) The old man told my father that not only was that guy being an obnoxious pig, but i was also being obnoxious. Now what the hell old man, i was being nice as anything to you and your wife, and even told the guy to shut up when he wouldn't stop using his "filthy language" So my dad calls me when the old guy leaves and tells me what happened. I couldn't believe it...i really couldn't. I've learned you cannot be nice to anyone, you really can't. I hope he falls down a few stories of stairs and breaks all his darn ribs...
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