Aub Bob (dismal_diva) wrote in poop_inthe_pool,
Aub Bob

I received an invoice in the mail from the university that I'm about to attend, expecting to have a $1298 credit all nice and ready for me to receive as a nice, fat refund check. When I opened it up, I was very pissed off to see that they had credited my account with my scholarships, and then CHARGED ME for them. How do they CHARGE ME for scholarships that I'm supposed to be receiving? Anyway, I've called many times and been told that it would be taken care of, but it hasn't. I can't pick up my ID, get parking tags, buy books, or even attend class until my record shows that I don't owe the university $3,770. I should go to the student accounts office and camp out until they fix it. Incompetent morons. OK, enough ranting.
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