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The Chronicles of Dipshit

If anyone wants to see the first part of this then go to my journal where I posted about my dumb coworker. A long story short though on Friday I entrusted a guy who works under me to go ship a laptop I had fixed to a employee in Canada. He shipped it UPS instead of FedEx Cause he couldn't find a FedEx. Today I was greeted at my desk by frantic phone calls from people in my company ranging from the guy in Canada to the VP. Apparently when he shipped it UPS he screwed up the declaration of value to the point where instead of it being insured as if it was worth 2,000$ the Canadians thought that the guy in Canada was buying it for 2,000$ and refused to deliver it until the guy paid a duty on it. They also decided that the best way to make the guy in Canada pay the duty on the package was to send it to God Damned Kentucky, which for anyone that may not be great at geography is nowhere near Canada. So now the laptop that absolutely needed to get there on Saturday is being held in a customs office requiring several attorney documents and a large sum of money to be paid before they will take it back to Canada and deliver it. Some days I just never should have gotten out of bed I swear
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