Ectopic Kia (ectopickia) wrote in poop_inthe_pool,
Ectopic Kia

Shopping... Blah.

You know what drives me insane? When I'm in line at a store...a long line at that.. and people behind me are complain to me that people need to hurry up. What makes you think I have controll over the line? What makes you think that the line will magically go faster if you constantly bitch at me? Perhaps if the person who's checking out knew how to write checks, or didn't buy 55 cans of on sale potato chips, or actually had the math skills to estimate the price of their purcheses before checking out so they knew they had enough money for it, the line would go a little faster. Sure, I admit that I get tired of waiting, but I try to just keep to myself and keep myself occupied. Usually I'll look at the tabloid magazines while I'm waiting. Or I'll make up little games in my head like "If I scratch my nose while looking at people how many people will scratch their nose as well." Try it. It's actually rather fun.
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